Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Puggle Posse Powers Activate!

Puggle Posse, I need your help. I was asked to do an interview about puggles. To get a more well rounded description, would you answer the following questions in the comment section? Thanks!

1. Would you say the Puggle is a small or medium sized dog?
2. Does the Puggle shed a lot and is it suitable for allergy sufferers? 
3. Does this breed have specialist grooming needs? 
4. Would you say the Puggle is a low, medium or high energy dog? 
5. What kind of exercise requirements does this dog breed have? 
6. Would you say (assuming a well socialised puppyhood) that the Puggle is
a) good with children
b) good with other pets
c) suitable for apartment living 
7. Any special health issues present in the breed? 
8. Any other comments about the Puggle to round off ‘the interview’?

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