Thursday, November 5, 2009

2010 Puggle Calendar

The 2010 Puggle Calendar is finally here! Yes, it is the 2010 Puggle Posse for P.A.W.S. Calendar & Mini Calendar. Mr. Puggle will donate all his profits to the Tinley Park P.A.W.S. Non-Profit organization. Thank you to all the puggle posse members who donated pictures of their adorable puggles to make this happen. Puggle Power!

If your puggle isn't in the calendar, please understand it is only for technical reasons. Either there was red eye I couldn't fix, too low a resolution, or no picture at all. If this year goes well, Mr. Puggle will do it next year. There will be plenty of time then and plenty of room for every puggle that wants to participate in 2011.

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