Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Hear Fireworks

I will be hiding under the bed until they stop. While in hiding, I want you puggles to be taking pictures of your cute selves for an upcoming contest. I will be choosing some puggles for a special project.

Photo suggestions: Take pictures outdoors in the shade or on a very overcast day but still use your flash. Stand 10-15ft away from the puggle and make sure you zoom in. Zoom in closer than you think you should. Try different angles too. Either very low or very high. Use a tripod to get a sharp image (or put camera on a table or chair and use your timer) because when you zoom in you get camera shake. Or, use your sports setting to really freeze the shot.

See ya in a few days when the fireworks stop and I will give you the rest of the details. I am one grateful puggle that I live in the Great USA! The Great Independent & Free USA! God Bless America! Gotta go....hear another one.

PS. Keep voting for all the puggles on twitter every 20 minutes. I see Eduardo joined in too. Puggle Power! VOTE HERE!

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