Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ask Mr. Puggle: Puggle Pooper Problem

Calling on the Puggle Posse! Please leave your sage advice to keep a fellow puggle out of of puggle pooper jail.

Mr. Puggle....My name is Dakota Rudolph...I am a male (ahem) puggle. My humans are getting quite frustrated with me as I love to poop in the house while they are gone. I don't know why I poop I just do. My mom Kim (she's 11) always takes me outside and I do my business rather nicely...I make sure I get a good smell before I go back into the house. However after today my grandma (Shannon) had a fit and put my nose in my own poop. I'm still mad at her for that. Any suggestions on how I can stop this? I do not want to be caged up because as we know cages are for "animals" and we puggles are not animals, we are rulers of our domain, kings of our castles. If my humans lock me in a crate like they've been mentioning on grandma's facebook then how can I sit on the window sill and look out and bark? Can you help?
Thanks, Dakota Rudolph - 18 mos old.

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