Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mr. Puggle Naughty Dog!

During Mr. Puggle's morning exercise, he escaped and ran free for about 15 minutes. Ran right across a four lane busy street TWICE! I really thought he was going to get hit. The cars were traveling around 45 mph and he just ran right between them.

A Giant 100 Thank Yous to the unknown crossing guard and kind lady jogger who helped capture him. The kind lady jogger told him to sit and he did and she grabbed his collar. Of course Mr. Puggle thought it was a game and was having a grand old time while I going out of my mind. I am so thankful he is safe and sound.

We get home and he is starring at me with his cute self waiting for his breakfast like nothing happened. Yeah, I am just the lady that feeds him.

Naughty dog.

Mr. Puggle's Youtube Videos