Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brady Puggle Pulled from Fire

Puggle Pulled from Fire

But the couple’s neighbor from across the street, Lester Carter, had heard about the fire and ran to the building.

“I was just breaking windows and I went in,” Carter said. “I was in the parlor and (the dog) was on the couch. You could tell he wasn’t going to last long. It was all dark smoke, black smoke. That dog wouldn’t have lasted much longer. I'm just glad the other people weren’t in there, you couldn’t see anything.”

Jack Freeman, another neighbor who resides across the street, had been on his way to get milk when he saw flames coming from the building.

At that point, Carter was still inside attempting to rescue Brady from the fire.

Although they are neighbors, Carter and Freeman did not know each other—until Freeman pulled Carter and the dog from the home.

“When I yanked Lester out of the window, that’s when I met him,” Freeman said. “The dog didn’t bite me. He was happy to see me.”

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