Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Perfect Perfect Day! Yay Grampy! Yay Honor Flight Chicago!

This has nothing to do with Puggles but I just had to share. Yesterday was a perfect perfect day. My Grampy received a seat with Honor Flight Chicago. They organized and paid for a an entire plane of WWII vets to travel to the WWII Memorial in DC accompanied by medical staff and volunteers. It was AMAZING! I come from a patriotic family. My Jagee was in WWI, Grampy in WWII, Uncle in Korea, Dad Vietnam, me in Desert Storm, my son Desert Storm II, so you can just imagine my pride. Sign up any vets you know. Other cities have Honor Flights.

Major Lanigan came in uniform and pushed my Grampy (88) in his wheelchair, down the gauntlet of over a 1000 people cheering, waving flags, kissing, and giving high fives. The band was playing. Grammy (84) got out of her wheel chair and walked into the aisle and kissed Grampy as he came by. It was SO sweet and made everyone around us cry.

I challenge you to watch this little documentary about the flight and not cry.

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