Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mr Puggle®: Safety Warning for Dog Owners

WARNING: This is a disturbing but worthwhile message.

I opened my June 2010 copy of Dog Fancy, just to thumb through. Something caught my eye and I began to skim only for a few sentences. I was overcome with horror as to what I read. My body began to involuntarily cringe. I gasped loud enough for people to look at me. I dropped the magazine and clasped my mouth with both hands. I have not opened the magazine since and I don't know how the story ends. I am only sharing this story with you in the hopes it prevents just one accident. It is something I never thought about and I have made changes in my house to prevent it. Now, if I could only get the image out of my head. Hold on to your lunch. A dog licked the paper shredder and the machine pulled the dog's tongue in. You can imagine the rest. Keep them up and or unplugged. Please spread the word.


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