Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lost Pug Update via Kepa per Annabelle

Thanks for the update Kepa Puggle.

UPDATE: Annabelle and her Mom took the lost little pug to the vet to be scanned for a Microchip. She does not have one. She appears to be at least 10 years old and has cataracts. Someone has cared for and loved this dog for 10 years, why are they not searching for her now? The good news is: a very nice person has stepped forward and offered to adopt the poor pug if her owners don't come forward in a two week time period. They know she is not in the best health condition but want to provide for her for the remainder of her life. This is great news for this little girl because she would most certainly be put down at a shelter.

If you know anyone in the Oregon or Washington area that are missing a pug please let them know about this little girl!!!

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