Thursday, December 31, 2009

May God Bless Your 2010!

WOW! What a year. I started my first blog and it was about a dog. How could I ever see THAT coming? Or that he would be trademarked!?! Which makes me ponder this upcoming year. What new things will I do? What new inventions will come to be that I can use as creative outlets. I use digital cameras, computers, & the internet now. None were used by the public until the second half of my life. How could I predict Facebook, Twitter, & Blogger?

As a little girl, I would draw pictures and sell them door to door. (without my parents knowledge) My world was only as big as my block. Now my pictures are seen around the world. Crazy! Mind blowing! People in Paris are drinking coffee from a mug with a picture of my dog on it. Life sure is funny. Mr. Puggle has been seen in every state in the nation and over 50 countries.

I committed to blogging for one year to push myself creatively. I was unaware of all the crazy dog people I would meet. Dog people are the best. What kind and loving spirits. I don't know what my blog will look like in 2010 but I am looking forward to finding out. I also look forward to staying connected with all the folks I have met this year. God is good and I pray He blesses your 2010! Jennifer-the lady that feeds Mr. Puggle

PS. 300 will be here shortly!

PSS. Loise the Puggle found a forever home! Complete with a 10 year old bi ped sister!

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