Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mr. Puggle's 200th Post Celebration Extravaganza!

Thank you for sharing your life with Mr. Puggle & the Posse. Mr. Puggle wants to crown a lucky dog with a personalized dog bowl! See it here. Your pet's name and picture can be put on the bowl.

To win, you must first play a game of cat and mouse, fraught with patience, strategy, and a quick click. The visitor who leaves the 200th comment wins the bowl and the grand title of Mr. Puggle's 200th Post Celebration Bowl Champion.

But wait...there is may leave as many comments as you like BUT NOT TWO COMMENTS IN A ROW. Muahhhhahahaha. Good Luck!

To make the 200 comments go by funnier, consider writing a humorous progressive story where all participants can add a word or sentence to the story. Once upon a time...

Fine print: (Please read in an obnoxiously fast voice) Anyone can play. Must be willing to privately email a mailing address to receive prize. If you comment twice in a row, you will be disqualified. No naughty stuff or © stuff can be put on the personalized bowl.

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