Friday, January 23, 2009

Purple Puggle

I am always looking for ways to entertain and poop out Mr. Puggle. This has helped a lot. I say, "Bring me Purple" and Mr. Puggle will find the toy and bring it to me so I can load it with his meal. So instead of scarfing down his food in say two seconds, he scarfs it in two minutes.

Today was so cute! He jumps up on the couch with Purple in his mouth and drops it in my lap. (Something he has NEVER done for the months we have had it) I laugh and say, "No more." He paws it and looks at me. I pull the rope and say, "All Gone" turning the toy upside down so he understands. He doesn't flinch. I shake it trying to convince him. He still stares at me. I look down the barrel of the toy. Wouldn't you know it? One pellet WAS stuck in the neck of the bottle. What a smart Mr. Puggle!

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